Sunday, November 6, 2011

Theo - 4 months

As I drive home from work, I hear new sounds coming from the back seat. "Fbbbbbt. Fffffffbbbt. Fffffffff." This used to be Theo's announcement that a big, messy diaper for me. However, he's become more sneaky about the diapers. Instead, this is Theo practicing new letters and sounds. Several weeks ago he was fascinated with "g", and has since moved up to "f" and "b".

Many weeks ago he rolled over for the first time. He's still mastering this skill (his left arm is his greatest nemisis), and we're still waiting for him to roll back-to-tummy.

We're still weeks away from introducing solids but Theo likes joining us at the dinner table. With our recent move, we've only just finally cleared it for use at dinner time and weekend breakfast. For now, it seems that Theo is doomed to peck his food like a chicken. Let's hope he finds his hands soon.

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